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Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Wed Jul 2 08:53:14 EDT 2008

Il giorno mer, 02/07/2008 alle 12.58 +0200, Lluis Sanchez Gual ha
> > I am working at bzr support (it just show the correct status right now)
> > and I don't understand why so many repository instances and what
> > sub-repositories are? Can someone shed some light on
> > HasChildRepositories and GetChildRepositories()?
> A repository is basically something you can check-out. Sub-repositories
> allow organizing repositories in a hierarchy. This hierarchy is shown in
> the check-out dialog when you register a new repository.
> Fore example, with SVN you can check-out any directory, so given an SVN
> url, the list of sub-repositories is the list of sub-directories in that
> url.

Understood. :)

> I don't know how bzr works. If every url corresponds to exclusively one
> module you can checkout, then just make HasChildRepositories return
> false. If given an url, bzr allows browsing through a list of modules
> located in that url, then you would have a repository representing that
> url, and one sub-repository for each module.

bzr is a little bit different because usually your tree is a full branch
and when you commit you commit locally and then "push" changes upstream.
I will probably implement first the local commits and then add some
tools to deal with branches. (You can also have light checkouts that are
pretty much like SVN co but that's a different story.)

So, _usually_ you have a single repository that also is the working
directory. I suppose it is ok to have HasChildRepositories return
false. It is also ok to return the same Repository object for all paths
under the current branch? That would allow some caching and speed up
things a little bit.


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