[MonoDevelop] memory leak on 0.19

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Wed Feb 20 14:15:17 EST 2008

El dt 19 de 02 del 2008 a les 22:34 -0800, en/na Travis Staloch va
> I'm noticing a memory leak when using monodevelop on fedora 8 while
> working with some boo language files.  Since I haven't been able to
> find any fedora 8 packages, I've installed monodevelop for fedora 7
> from the open suse build service packages.  
> Does anyone know where the bug might be coming from (monodevelop
> itself or from the boo addin)?  If there is an existing bug report,
> could you provide a link as I couldn't find it?
> I'm noticing other issues with boo language support too... auto
> complete rarely works (I've only noticed it working after typing
> "self.") and ctrl+space and ctrl+shift+space don't bring up anything
> meaningful in the auto complete window.  

The boo add-in is basically unmaintained, so it is not strange you have
problems with it. Feel free to file bug reports about the problems you
find, although the core MD team lacks the time (and in my case the Boo
knowledge) needed to improve it. I hope somebody in the community can
help us on it.


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