[MonoDevelop] recent monodevelop packages?

Patrick McEvoy patrick at qmtech.net
Thu Feb 14 17:23:38 EST 2008

Travis Staloch wrote:
> I'm looking for any newer monodevelop packages.  I'm currently on 0.13 
> using fedora 8.  I looked at 
> http://www.go-mono.com/download-stable/rhel-4-i386/ but sadly there is 
> nothing in the monodevelop section.  Does anyone know if there are 
> recent rpms?  If not, any idea when they will be available?  I've 
> tried to build from source recently with no luck so I can't currently 
> get boo language support with monodevelop :^(
Asked about this on IRC today as I was having the same problem

cd /path-to-mondevelop/monodevelop
mv AddIns/BooBinding/*.dll AddIns/BackendBindings/

To find mondevelop...
whereis monodevelop


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