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thanks for all these feedback ;)

So, first issue will be modifiers each language have his own keywords and I
do not know if all language support all modifiers of csharp (I do not think
so). So, I will have to do a function in each language binding to get the
list of grouped modifier for radio button (public,private,protected,
internal) and single modifier for checkbox ( static,sealed, partial,
abstract, unsafe).
But we have some rules here between single modifiers.(abstract and sealed
for example)
And maybe some language have more than one group of modifier.

And if we do what is my next question, we will have issue because some
modifier is not allowed with structure or interface (static for example). I
do not think it is a good idea... because will add a lot of issue and if we
add too much thing it will become too complexe.

Do we need something to say class, structure or interface or we only provide
something for class?

So language binding class willl have GetModifiers and CheckModifier which
will avoid to break modifier linked rules.

Else I can limit the list of modifier to the more common but it lead to
another question which one?....

For auto-complete box great idea.

A treeview seems to be more adapted to what we need for member to be

For the multi page, I am not sure... I am OK that this can be usefull
outside but not sure because I really prefer to have all screen. Anyway, I
will see if all can be in the form else I will see if we do 4 windows with a
button next/previous or if I do tabs (what do you prefer).

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