[MonoDevelop] WARNING [2008-02-02 22:12:03Z]: MonoDevelop failed to start. Rebuilding addins registry.

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Sun Feb 3 05:06:16 EST 2008

One thing you could do is to enable logging in MonoDevelop and see if it 
outputs something useful to the log before the crashes. Instructions on 
how to do this is available here:

Another thing you can try is to run MD from a terminal and pass the 
--trace parameter. This will print every managed method which is being 
entered and exited. If you can figure out the last methods that was 
called before the crash this could be useful for finding the bug.

Last thing, which is slightly more complicated, is to run MD using an 
instance of mono which in turn runs inside a native debugger. This will 
enabled you to get a proper stacktrace for the segfault. The stacktrace 
will be extremely useful when it comes to finding the bug. If you manage 
to get a stacktrace please paste it into a bug report in bugzilla or 
post it to this mailing list. Basically, what you need to do is 
described here:

It would be nice if MD got something like breakpad / watson / apport 
which reports crashes the dev team right away.


Matias Hegoburu wrote:
> I downloaded the installer from mono website for other distributions 
> (ubuntu 7.04). Installed, try to run it, didnt work. Cried about 
> add-ins. I found out md saves add-in data in .config/monodevelop... upon 
> deleting this folder, it worked like a charm for a while.
> I went on installing other things (like svn), tried to run md again, but 
> i get this message:
> WARNING [2008-02-02 22:12:03Z]: MonoDevelop failed to start. Rebuilding 
> addins registry.
> Stacktrace:
> Fallo de segmentación (core dumped)
> Thats it. No idea what is going on or how to fix it. Any ideas? it would 
> be very welcome, its driving me crazy. I installed and re installed a 
> thousand times, i installed mono from synaptic and then uninstalled it, 
> in the hope it would fix some dependency issue, but nothing.
> Regards,
> Matias
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