[MonoDevelop] What is happening with MD 2 alpha 2 here?

alan battersby alan.battersby at ntlworld.com
Sun Dec 28 11:39:41 EST 2008

I am using MD 2 alpha 2 downloaded and compiled on opensuse 11.  What
does this warning mean?

[Task:File=/home/alan/C# development/OTPaths Lattice
v1.0/OTPaths/gtk-gui/gui.stetic, Line=0, Column=0, Type=Warning,
Priority=Normal, Description=/home/alan/C# development/OTPaths Lattice
v1.0/OTPaths/gtk-gui/gui.stetic: Could not generate code for widgets of
type: OTPaths.JointUI. The widget could not be found in any referenced
library. The generated code may be invalid.]

I can load the widget in the editor window and see its design and source
code. It loads when I either select the source JointUI.cs  in solution
explorer or from the User Interface folder . So why am I getting this
message.  There are three other Widgets affected in the same way. All
were compiling fine a couple of minutes ago, and I was working on none
of them, MD crashed and when restarted I get the above plus another
error shown below

[Task:File=/home/alan/C# development/OTPaths Lattice
v1.0/OTPaths/Dialogs/CellDialog.cs, Line=62, Column=25, Type=Error,
Priority=Normal, Description=Cannot implicitly convert type
`Cairo.Context' to `Cairo.Context'(CS0029)]
 from this line

using (Cairo.Context ct = Gdk.CairoHelper.Create (drawingarea.GdkWindow))
Has anyone seen this type of bug in MD before or suggest why the
warnings are occurring?


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