[MonoDevelop] mdtool preserving folder structure while copying files

paszczi paszczi at go2.pl
Tue Dec 16 15:06:19 EST 2008


First of all thanks for great work! :) 

I started playing with mdtool today. I have a couple of solutions in msbuild. Each project has a tree structure like this:
src/ <- all code goes here
res/ <- some resource files that are used (some of the are embedded some of the are copied to the output dir)

While building with msbuild everything that is inside res/ and is copied to output folder is actually copied to (output)/res (so directory structure is preserved). Mdtool on the other side copies everyting to output dir without any directory structure. My projects assume that some files should be sought in res/ directory so when building with mdtool this isn't the case. Is it expected behavior? Should some compatibility with msbuild be introduced?

Best regards,
Maciej Paszta 

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