[MonoDevelop] Copying files to output directory in MonoDevelop

Erik Ylvisaker eylvisaker at physics.ucdavis.edu
Tue Dec 16 00:10:06 EST 2008

Hi, I am using MonoDevelop version 2.0 alpha 2.  I have a project with
some images that should be copied to the output directory into a folder
like [Output Path]/Images.   They are in my project in an images folder,
and I have them set to copy to output.  However, they are just copied to
[Output Path].  This same setup in the Visual Studio IDE worked for
copying the images to the correct directory, and I thought it was the
case with MonoDevelop 1.0 as well but I cannot test it to be sure.  Is
this a bug I should file, or the intended behavior?  If this is the
intended behavior, how does one insure that the files are copied to a
subfolder of the output directory?


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