[MonoDevelop] XML Entity Completion Patch

David A Knight david at ritter.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 14 11:13:22 EST 2008

The attached patch is a first shot at implementing auto completion of
entities in xml documents.

1) Typing "&" will result in "&;" being inserted and the cursor being
placed between the two chars.

2) If the cursor is between "&;" and the pressed key isn't a control
character, or a "#" then the entity will be expanded automatically, e.g.
typing € will result in the text becoming "€"

The default setting is for this to be turned off.  

To be more robust it probably should be checking if it is in a CDATA
section or <% %> etc.

There is a downside with html documents.  If you want to type &quot; for
example you will end up with &#113; if q is typed.  A possible solution
for this would be to only do the auto insertion if the character value
is > 127 or if it is a special char, <,>,",', &

There is no auto mapping to the standard xml named entities, e.g. <
doesn't become &lt; etc.


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