[MonoDevelop] Fedora 10 and MonoDevelop

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Dec 2 13:37:45 EST 2008


>  I've just installed Fedora 10 and Monodevelop 2.0 alpha 1 from the
> repository, unfortunately I when I try to edit code i get the
> following error:
>  System.DivideByZeroException: Division by zero
>   at Mono.TextEditor.TextViewMargin.GetNextVisualTab (Int32 xPos)
> [0x00000] 
>   at Mono.TextEditor.TextViewMargin
> +VisualLocationTranslator.ConsumeChunks () [0x00000] 
>   at Mono.TextEditor.TextViewMargin
> +VisualLocationTranslator.VisualToDocumentLocation (Int32 xp, Int32
> yp) [0x00000] 
>   at Mono.TextEditor.TextViewMargin.VisualToDocumentLocation (Int32
> xp, Int32 yp) [0x00000] 
>   at Mono.TextEditor.TextViewMargin.MousePressed (Int32 button, Int32
> x, Int32 y, EventType type, ModifierType modifierState) [0x00000] 
>   at Mono.TextEditor.TextEditor.OnButtonPressEvent (Gdk.EventButton e)
> [0x00000] 
>   at Gtk.Widget.buttonpressevent_cb (IntPtr widget, IntPtr evnt)
> [0x00000] 

I know there is currently an issue in F10 with Monodevelop which I'll
try and get fixed tonight (it's a simple one to do). The above one is
slightly more perplexing. Can you run monodevelop from the commandline
and report it to the RedHat BZ?


(Fedora mono packager)
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