[MonoDevelop] Why Monodevelop?

Robert Isaacs Robert at ConnectWise.com
Mon Dec 1 12:01:52 EST 2008

This is probably getting way off topic, but I don't think that the Mono Virtual Machine is outperforming HotSpot yet...

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kuse wrote:
> Maybe I'm getting lynched with this but here goes, why was even
> monodevelop-project started?
> Why not build on Eclipse, much work already done etc. ?

It's conceivable that those who know what a C# editor should have
are the ones who program primarily in C#.

Besides, Eclipse is written in Java, which means I can't get it to
perform decently on a comp with two dual-core CPU's and 8GB of RAM.
MonoDevelop otoh works very nicely on my ancient laptop with one
cpu and 512MB's of RAM.

I may be spoiled, being used to lightweight editors like jed/vim,
and using pure-C ide's (Geany) whenever something's too complex to
overview in the really fast editors, but I definitely feel that a
user-application should respond immediately, not after 0.2 seconds.

> Its open source, the idea to not invent the wheel twice.

If a wheel doesn't roll that well, it's a good idea to design a
new one ;-)

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