[MonoDevelop] Using the ide -db

Christian Filippi christian.filippi.76 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 15:18:59 EDT 2008

> > *hum*
> > Are you telling me that for now there isn't a widget that can expose data
> in a grid?
> Yep, you should use the tree model for the DataViews from the list
> archives("TreeStore saving state" thread). It can be bound to almost every
> widget displaying lists(like TreeView, ComboBox).

Oh, I don't  take this like a problem at all!
I read some things about nodeview and i think that is very powerful. If I'm
not in wrong it can display ALSO data in grid.

> Good idea, you'll find plenty of information there. You may also want to
> use Gtk# databindings(http://gtk-databind.sourceforge.net/), but I haven't
> tested it out myself.

i see... a lot of read :-P
but i have the suspect that there are many ways to do things in mono...
but i find a little strange that a there isn't documentation around the
"main" (?) db component bindings.

But I'm too new in the mono world, i must read more to understand....


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