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Christian Filippi christian.filippi.76 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 08:23:32 EDT 2008

i want to use monodevelop to learn some c#.
I have many problems regards stability of monodevelop, I'm running it on a
debian sid 64, someone have problems too? (it gives many and many errors.)

I have trouble to understand how this ide works,
for example,
i want to do a form with a button and a treeview
I assign the click event on the button
in this section i want to write some code
how i can connect to my database for filling my treeview with the requested
(SELECT * FROM example)
In the database section I already have the right dbconnection working and
i'm able to see all my tables
I don't know what "Views" and "Procedures" are, and if I try to do a query
giving it a name it give me many errors.
I'm sorry, but I have the ide in Italian and I can't understand how to
change it in the correct English language ... and so I can't assure you that
in the english version you can see "views" and "procedures" over and under
your tables
I can run query from: tools -> database -> query database

How I can do that?
I see the mono-mysql documentation, but i found only that documentation is

I try to click the green cross on the toolbars, so i check for viewing all
the widgets in Monodevelop.Database.Components but nothing useful.

I try to write like "using..." in the top but it don't give names related
with db.

Thank you in advance

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