[MonoDevelop] Requesting write permission

Casey Marshall casey.s.marshall at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 15:45:15 EDT 2008

Lluis Sanchez Gual wrote:
> El dl 04 de 08 de 2008 a les 11:32 -0700, en/na Casey Marshall va
> escriure:
>> I'm starting to look into how to support automatically asking for write 
>> permission when MonoDevelop saves files, which might mean asking the 
>> version control addin to open the file for editing. It looks simple 
>> enough, to put calls to FileService.RequestFileEdit in the appropriate 
>> places before trying to overwrite files.
> Heh, today I stated working on this and it is mostly complete. I will
> commit later today or tomorrow.

Good sauce, then :-)  I'll keep track of SVN and try this out.

>> My question, though, is where the best place for these calls should be? 
>> Should it be at the high level -- i.e., for commands like "File->Save," 
>> -- or does it make more sense at the low level, i.e., in each actual 
>> file format implementation that does the writing? The former seems to 
>> make more sense, since it captures more things with less code, but it 
>> isn't clear if it's appropriate to introduce file checks at so high a level.
> It is better to add the check at low level because a save operation may
> be invoked from several places, not only from File->Save.

I was more thinking of capturing all these high-level places (the save 
command is just an example) so adding new file formats, etc., would make 
use of it automatically. But I'm not concerned either way.


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