[MonoDevelop] Can someone confirm this bug w/SVN MD?

Evil Jay monodevelop-list at eternaldusk.com
Sun Sep 30 22:11:35 EDT 2007

Oooohkay.  So I finally got everything with my MonoDevelop installation
worked out and can go between .14 and .16/SVN with relative ease.  It
mostly came down to learning that /usr/lib/monodevelop an
~/.config/MonoDevelop persist when you remove packages.  Also, Michael's
suggestion to just use the build-dep option for apt-get helped immensely.

When I create console apps, I have no issues whatsoever.  I'm still
getting crashes trying to create GTK apps though.  Can anyone else,
preferably running a 64-bit distro, confirm the following problem before
I submit a bug?  I would just submit the bug, but I don't want to waste
dev-time if it's just me.

To recreate, all I have to do is create a C#/GTK2 app, add a VBox
container to the main form, add a menu to the top of that, save (0.14
crashes here, 0.16/SVN works), Then compile (0.16 crashes here). 

I could just switch back to 0.14 to compile, but it has been my
experience that loading 0.16 projects in 0.14 usually ends in crashes too.

Thanks in advance,

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