[MonoDevelop] A dreadful story...

Jacek Ruzyczka ruzyczka at versanet.de
Sat Sep 8 11:45:11 EDT 2007

> > But cheap versions of Windows are specifically not licensed for
> > running under emulation. Sneaky marketing people, Microsofties!
> The stuff educational establishments provide for free are not
> necessarily the cheap versions.  Not in the UK, anyway (under CHEST).
> That's not to say they're licensed for running under emulation, though.
> Someone would have to check the license to find out.
Licensed here, licensed there...but a.f.a.i.k, the Microsoft EULA clause 
forbidding to run, for instance, WinVista Home Basic as a VMWare guest, is 
simply invalid by law in many countries (in Germany, for instance), as it 
restricts the user in the fair use of the OS.


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