[MonoDevelop] Possible commenting bug + feature question

Piotr Budny vip at pesymista.info
Wed Oct 3 18:01:18 EDT 2007

when installed 0.16 I've noticed a bug when using commenting (from the menu or 
keyboard shortcut).
When there is no selection there's no possibility to comment out the line.
When code is selected (even one character) the commenting function works.

Anybody noticed that? If yes, I'll make a bugreport.

The second question is about focusing on the editor. There should be a 
shortcut (there's alt+c for kdevelop) which should focus on the editor from 
any place in MD.
There's currently one way to focus on the code editor by using tabs (try to 
select Debug/Release on the 	toolbar and try to go to the editor) or using 
mouse, which is a little problem when coding. Or I did overlook something?

Best regards,
Piotr Budny

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