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Martin Zaworski MartinZaworski at web.de
Fri Nov 23 11:14:18 EST 2007

Hi Oliver,

first of all:
There you will always find some nice work for monodevelop :) I think 
because of this:
the TODO list will be updated soon.

I already started programming an "Assembly Browser". First it was just 
an stand alone gtk-sharp Application using the cecil library and i am 
currently including it to Monodevelops Addin System.
Because i do this in my freetime and to learn some Desing Patterns for 
study needs i decided to implement the Strategy Pattern using 
Interfaces. I hope with this Pattern it will be possible to Browse 
.NET/mono Assemblies, Java Packages and maybe later c/cpp sources and 
header files.

P.S. to the list:
If anybody thinks there is no need for such an "Allround Browser" let me 
know. If somone things there is an easier and better way without 
Strategy Pattern please also let me know.

After some work with the Add-In System of Monodevelop and especialy the 
Documentation of it, i decided to update some outdated references and 
tutorials "Writing Add-Ins". Should i write such Tutorials offline and 
send them to the list or is it possible to get acces to the 
Documentation Part of the Wiki.

Something like an "Add-In" Wizzard would be nice i think. Just for 
creating the addin xml files, adding some method names etc. I dont know 
if anybody i looking out for that but i think: If there is such a 
wizzard, someone wi

olivier dufour wrote:
> Hi,
> I am just trying to learned and test the addin system of monodevelop.
> I will try to do an assembly scout add in.
> This addin will just be a window with a treeview on left with all 
> reference (assembly-class-member tree) and on right the list of member 
> of class and under the list of member a short description of the 
> selected member.
> The addin will be a basic assembly scout as start but it can evolve... 
> I know that sharp develop have a cool one and VS too.
> I just want to know if there is someone working on something similare?
> Or if I have missed the features in monodevelop.
> Else, I will have to find another idea of add in to develop ;)
> Cheers,
> Olivier
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