[MonoDevelop] Finding classes.

Zach Lute zach.lute at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 02:46:29 EST 2007

> This is exactly what am looking for, I can use this, and it seems
> incredibly useful;   It has a few glitches, like it seems to add stuff
> as it loads, and that means that contents shift positions as the loading
> happens.

The loading is all done in a separate thread, as matching on all
files/types in a solution is potentially expensive and it's designed
to simply allow you to open the window, type a few characters and get
results quickly, so we can't really afford to not load the results
asynchronously.  I suppose we could have them not alphabetize by
default so that things don't shift around as stuff is added, but that
seems more confusing to me.  Certainly open to suggestions here.

>         * Alt-Shift-O and Control-Shift-T, seems odd that they would
>           use different prefixes for a common operation.

Alt-Shift-O is the keybinding for this functionality in VisualAssist
for VS, which is where I first encountered and fell in love with it,
so I kept it the same as those strokes are ingrained in my workflow,
but with configurable keybindings, it's not a big deal if another
default makes more sense, I suppose.  The reason the Type prefix is
different is that Go To Type existed in a different form originally,
but Lluis (smartly) decided to merge it in with this functionality
when I submitted this stuff and kept the original keybinding.

>         * The window would be nicer if it was a little bit larger.  On
>           my machine, I can only see 5 rows of matches,
>         * When doing a type search it would be useful if the type
>           search happens not only on the class name, but if it
>           was able to match also on the full name.

These both seem like good ideas with no good reason NOT to do them, so
I've put a patch up at
https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=342142 that takes care of
both of them.  Window is slightly larger by default and type search
now matches against the fully qualified name.


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