[MonoDevelop] mwf-designer

Petit Eric surfzoid at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 21:07:36 EDT 2007

After a web search i find this interesting thing :
after downloading the sample and start it i see a very good begin of
RAD/IDE, but i 'm not sur to be truth, this seem to be a connection to
host, i heard something about winforms editor connect to a "host"
writed in old code , not .NET, right?, in this case a good way should
be a portapility of it under unix, no ?

2007/11/2, Petit Eric <surfzoid at gmail.com>:
> hi folk
> I'm interesting to this project part of MD, i try to had a look at the
> code but not understand every thing,
> The solution is redraw every thing and use custom UI componant of the
> framework, right?
> If right, why rewrite every thingh like in the same way as microsoft
> and don't just make a "parser" of the xxxx.Designer.cs file to create
> object control at the file and just manage a click  handler to put
> them in a propertygrid, at the end all control are just textfile not
> Runtime Object ?

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