[MonoDevelop] Requirement to register at Novell considered harmful

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Fri Nov 2 14:59:46 EDT 2007

Il giorno ven, 02/11/2007 alle 21.13 +0900, Atsushi Eno ha scritto:
> I rather doubt you have some conflicting extensions that cause
> the actual issue (As I have about 20 extensions installed, I have
> similar trouble for some websites). Also, Firefox was
> almost just released and some extensions might need updates.
> was sort of unstable and caused some mandatory upadtes
> to some extensions. Similar troubles could happen to the new one.

I don't remember the exact versions, it was some time ago. Also note
that I use firefox on a 64 bit machine where it has a couple more bugs.
Anyway, Novell web site was one of the few that ever gave me problems
and that's bad for bug reporters.


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