[MonoDevelop] No debug

Patrick McEvoy patrick at villadays.com
Fri May 4 11:13:47 EDT 2007

Thanks for the info. I've been using 'make run' for weeks now which does 
run with debug from what I can see. After sending the email I tried 
'make install' and md load time was reduced to a 1/4 - 1/3!

Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> Nope, turning debugging off is just marginally faster (although it
> uses less memory, what may have some effect on memory-limited
> machines).
> But AFAIK, MD is run without debug, by default. Also there's a
> difference in compiling with --debug (what means it will generate a
> symbol-mapping file) and running with debug (what loads the
> symbol-mapping file).
> Generating the debug info files (one for each assembly compiled), only
> matters for very big projects.
> Also, very few optimizations are done in the primary compilation
> (source to IL), so programs won't run much faster just because you
> didn't ask the compiler to do a release compilation. JIT-time
> optimizations are done by default when running a program, and you can
> ask the runtime to some extra(costlier) optimizations if you want, but
> it depends on the kind of code you have.
> Hope it clarifies things a bit,
> On 5/4/07, Patrick McEvoy <patrick at villadays.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been building from svn. Wondering if there's an easy way to
>> build/run without debugging as I presume I should get quite a good speed
>> increase. My laptop is struggling to cope with md, vmware, etc!
>> Many thanks p
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