[MonoDevelop] Trouble with XML plugin in 0.13

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Mar 27 15:07:31 EDT 2007

BTW, the XML editor won't work with SVN HEAD because a new method has
been added to ITextFile (I hope it's the last change).

In any case, it would be great if you could implement the XML add-in as
an extension of the MD editor. The new TextEditorExtension class allows
you to hook into the editor and provide custom behavior for code
completion or any other feature you want to provide in response of a key
press. In this way you wouldn't need to maintain your own editor.


El dt 27 de 03 del 2007 a les 19:47 +0100, en/na Matt Ward va escriure:
> Currently the XML Editor only supports the mime type "text/xml", but
> according to RFC 3023 the mime type "application/xml" may be a valid
> for an XML document:
> "The media types text/xml and application/xml MAY be used for document entities"
> "Application/xml is preferable when the XML MIME entity is unreadable
> by casual users."
> Even though application/xml should be used when the XML "is unreadable
> by casual users" I can add support for it in the XML Editor addin.
> I could be wrong, but looking at the source code for MonoDevelop the
> text editor does not necessarily open all mime types:
> SourceEditorDisplayBinding.cs
> public virtual bool CanCreateContentForMimeType (string mimetype)
> {
> 	if (mimetype == null)
> 		return false;
> 	if (mimetype.StartsWith ("text"))
> 		return true;
> 	if (mimetype == "application/x-python")
> 		return true;
> 	if (mimetype == "application/x-config")
> 		return true;
> 	if (mimetype == "application/x-aspx")
> 		return true;
> 	// If gedit can open the file, this editor also can do it
> 	foreach (DesktopApplication app in DesktopApplication.GetApplications
> (mimetype))
> 		if (app.Command == "gedit")
> 			return true;
> 	return false;
> }
> Regards,
> Matt
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