[MonoDevelop] SourceEditorDisplayBinding.patch

James Fitzsimons james.fitzsimons at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 16:28:07 EDT 2007

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for testing the patch. I'll look into these issues as soon as
possible. Hopefully it will be something simple like putting a slight
delay on the cursor position changed event.


On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 15:45 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> I've been running into a few bugs while using it, unfortunately...
> For example, if I create a new file and then paste a block of code into
> it, hitting any arrow key will cause a crash (see attachment for
> backtrace).
> Also, in some cases, holding down an arrow key will lock the UI
> indefinitely until I release the key. For example, try placing your
> cursor at the top of a source file in the "using ...;" statements and
> then press-and-hold the down-arrow key... the cursor may take a step or
> two downward, but after that it will freeze until you release the key.
> Once you are inside the namespaced region, though, I don't have this
> problem... *until* I reach the end of the file, next-to-last closing
> curly brace, then it happens again:
> ..
>             some_code ();
>         }
>     } <-- cursor freezes as it tries to pass this brace (end of class)
> }
> Jeff
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