[MonoDevelop] What happend to the ParserService?

Marcos Marín marcosmarin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 11:17:16 EDT 2007

I'm pretty new to MonoDevelop Addins and I was following a tutorial where it
had this:
ProjectFile file = (ProjectFile) dataObject;
IClass[] cls = Runtime.ParserService.GetFileContents (file.Project,
label = string.Format ("{0} ({1})", label, cls.Length);
But apparently Runtime no longer has the parser service, where did it go?
I tried doing something like this but I'm not sure if it will work (can't
test it yet):
        ProjectFile file = (ProjectFile)dataObject;
        IParserService parser =
        ICompilationUnit unit = parser.GetParser(file.ToString()).Parse(
        ClassCollection classes = unit.Classes;
        label = string.Format("{0} ({1})", label, classes.Count);
Any help appreciated.
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