[MonoDevelop] GSOC: Code refactoring

Steve Deobald steve at deobald.ca
Thu Mar 15 17:33:12 EDT 2007

I think this would be a fantastic SoC project! I've been meaning to
add some refactoring support to MD for a while, but haven't had the
time yet.

If you think VS2005 has helpful refactoring tools, I suggest grabbing
a trial copy of ReSharper: http://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/ . I
couldn't live without it.

Even more useful than automated refactoring is the addition of code
navigation tools. I actually can't work without "Go to declaration"
and "Go to type by name". These would work around a lot of the same
domain that automated refactorings would, but are even easier to

If all the refactoring support of ReSharper or IntelliJ IDEA is too
much, I think the Refactoring Rubicon is a reasonable benchmark for
success: http://martinfowler.com/articles/refactoringRubicon.html

I'd be happy to help with this work. Just let me know when/if you start.


On 3/15/07, Miguel Ángel Pérez <mangelp at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, i'm interested on the refactoring features for the google's soc and i
> would like to know if someone is already working on it or if i can apply.
> This is a concrete set of features that will help people like me that got
> used to the features in vs2005 and now have to do such things by hand in
> monodevelop.
> And it's a great opportunity to improve my skills and learn and earn :)
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