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Johan Kotze jkotze at novell.com
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Thanx for offering to help out. I am willing to assist, but please bear in mind that I am still learning C#. In
Delphi/Lazarus you have a hierarchy of objects that provide you with the ability to create database applications without
writing a single line of code. 
The visual component (widgets in MD) are derived from the standard TGrid, Textbox, checkbox, listbox etc components and
they have additional properties called DataSource and DataField. The DataField needs to be set to the field name of one
of the fields in the Datasource. In the Delphi/Lazarus IDE's these properties show up as listboxes that you just select
the field name or datasource. The Datasource is an abstraction layer between the visual data-bound components and the
actual database components. It is not strictly necessary, but makes it very easy to switch database backends. The only
property I ever set on that is the DataSet. The Dataset is the workhorse that is unique to each type of database backend
you connect to. It provides properties that enable you to connect to the backend (username, password, ip address,
protocol level etc) and then returns the rows in the table or query. 

If you want to see how this fits together you can download Lazarus from www.lazarus.freepascal.org. It is opensource and
runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. 

Let me know if you require more info. 


>>> On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at  6:37 PM, in message <200703141637.27696.tompotts at itsosbroadband.co.uk>, Tom Potts
<tompotts at itsosbroadband.co.uk> wrote:

I think waiting for GTK and following there may take 'too long'.
I earlier posted asking for examples of using a TreeView widget and DataSet
ala Windows.Forms.Datagrid as a lot of forums say thats what is for and got
no responses.
I would like to have a bash at making something that works like that:
Johan - could you send me a list of methods/properties that you use on your
DataGrid and maybe we can come up with something...

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