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Hi Rafael,

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> NANT is too generic, it is like Makefile files without the AutoTools.
> Autotools, add predictable targets and dependencies to makefile.
> The problem is probably it would be an endless discussion, on 
> what kind of "structure" would be imposed in nant build files 
> for them to be useable in MonoDevelop, as project files...

That's what I was imagining as well. My own NAnt files are pretty
much free form and tend to be procedural rather than descriptive,
making them harder to analyze.

OTOH, your analogy makes me think... Autotools add predictability
to a certain kind of Makefile: one that is to be used to build and
install a product on certain platforms. In practice, makefiles can
have all sorts of other targets as well: run the tests, make backups,
etc. - this might be callled a development makefile, and the other
a distribution makefile.

I wonder if the same thing might be done for NAnt scripts... a standard
set of targets that are provided for the purpose of distributing Mono
applications. OT for this thread, but interesting...

> Just adding attach-to-project and run-some-target 
> functionalities, like Eclipse does for ant files is just not 
> good enough.
> I know because I do have ant files in my eclipse projects and 
> I have to keep things in sync by hand, what isn't nice... The 
> only real nicety in that integration is the ability to 
> 'debug', even single-step, ant files.
> I didn't experiment with the newer versions of netbeans, that 
> is told to use ant files AS the project files. But surely 
> they've done 'structuralization'  of the ant files, defining 
> some mandatory properties and targets...
> just to think aloud about the subject,

My experience with NUnit is similar. There is no relation between
my VS project files and my NAnt build. Totally manual maintenance.
What would help me - and might also apply to MD - would be some
feature that spit out an include file with all the source files,
resource files and references for each project. Then the unstructured
NAnt script could simply use those.


> fun
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> > > > Did monodevelop is going to support nant build sys?
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> > > I don't think it's planned, but if someone wrote a decent 
> addin it 
> > > would probably be accepted.
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> > I wonder exactly what "support" would have to mean in order 
> to be useful...
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> > Charlie
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