[MonoDevelop] A Project with that name is already in your Project Space

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 07:00:19 EST 2007

I do it all the time, for projects, classes, etc. But it is a bit
clumsy nowadays.

Right-Click the item in the Project tree, choose "Delete", this just
removes it from the solution or project. Then you right-click the
parent node of the 'not-quite-deleted' object in the tree, and choose
"Display Options", and turn on the "Show All Files" checked menu item,
the "deleted" object will reappear, right-click it again and now
choose "Delete", note that the confirmation dialog asks something
different as it now going to really delete the file/folder. Change
"Display Options/Show All Files" back off to unclutter the tree.

Well I would really prefer something like having two menu actions a
"Remove from project/solution" and a real "Delete", This would also
help with version control, as the first action would probably also put
the item in the "svn:ignore" list, and the second would plain "svn
remove" it.


On 3/5/07, Fay Zee <fay.linux at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm new here
> Within Monodevelop I created the wrong type of project and couldn't
> find how to delete it, so deleted the folder directly from the command
> line.
> Back in Monodevelop I tried to create a new project with the same
> name, but got the error message:
> "A Project with that name is already in your Project Space"
> I looked it up in the source and saw the keyword "runtime". So I tried
> closing and re-opening Monodevelop and was then allowed to create the
> project with the same name.
> Where exactly is the "Project Space" please?
> And is there a better way to delete projects so as to recreate under
> the same name?
> Fay
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