[MonoDevelop] PATCH: ChangeLogAddin simplification

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Thu Mar 1 18:59:23 EST 2007

The patch is now committed. Thanks!

El ds 24 de 02 del 2007 a les 00:30 +0100, en/na Federico Di Gregorio va
> Some month ago I simplified a little bit the ChangeLogAddin but the
> patch got lost in Lluis work on version control (I think). This is
> almost the same patch, updated to work with SVN head. Original
> explanation of what I did:
> When using emacs I find myself writing much more detailed ChangeLogs
> than when using MD, because MD's ChangeLog add-in is a little bit picky
> about when you can insert an entry or header. I have a patch that
> changes the default behaviour in the following ways:
> 1/ Just one command "Insert ChageLog Entry", an header is automatically
> added if missing or if the top-most header is different from the one
> we're about to add.
> 2/ The command can be issued from anywhere and the add-in looks for the
> right ChangeLog file and even creates one if necessary. It looks for
> ChangeLog in the current project, then in its parent combine and so on,
> up to the top-most combine. If no ChangeLog is found, one is created in
> the current project directory. So if you like a single top-level
> ChangeLog just create an empty one in the combine before adding the
> first entry, else let the plugin create one in the project for you.
> Hope this helps, patch attached.
> federico
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