[MonoDevelop] Help on WebResource.axd...

Thomas Hansen thomas at frostinnovation.no
Mon Jun 18 16:04:26 EDT 2007

Howdy, first of all I'm using the 0.12 Version since I am trying to get
my code compatible with the version currently in the Ubuntu Apt-Get
repository. So I don't really know if this is possible to solve without
updating my version (or at all for that matter)

I am trying to port the Gaia Ajax Widgets to be buildable with
Monodevelop and the problem is that it uses WebResources. Now these
WebResources are in folders of the Visual Studio version (which I MUST
keep compatibility towards (obviously)) and this makes the Resource
Inclusion string become stuffed with folder-names, namespaces and
An example of the assembly attribute tag (contained in my
AssemblyInfo.cs file) follows;
[assembly: WebResource("Gaia.WebWidgets.Scripts.ImageButton.js",

Now the problem is that this file doesn't EXISTS so when the page loads
the JavaScript inclusion is rendered but the JavaScript file is

If I remove everything but the ImageButton.js and do the same the place
I include the file everything works like a snatch, but this is not
really a solution for me since then it won't work in Visual Studio...

So basically what I'm asking for here is how do I get to keep the
"namespace" and the folder stuff while compiling in Mono, how should
my .mdp file look like?
Today it looks like this; 
    <File name="./Scripts/ImageButton.js" subtype="Code"
buildaction="EmbedAsResource" />

Is there some kind of attribute for this entry in my .mdp file for
adding this into a namespace/folder like the logic in Visual Studio...?

Thanx ahead guys!
Brilliant product! :)

I also need some reference link to a nice starter kit for learning the
"boo" language(...?...)

Thomas Hansen

Gaia Ajax Widget
Open Source Ajax Controls

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