[MonoDevelop] WebResource.axd and paths problem....

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 09:03:48 EDT 2007

It looks like a problem in our (Mono's) implementation of the
WebResourceAttribute class.

Please fill a bug case, in Mono's bugzilla, with an small repro.


On 6/20/07, Thomas Hansen <thomas at frostinnovation.no> wrote:
> Prolog;
> Howdy, first of all I'm using the 0.13 Version since I haven't figured
> out how to install the 0.14 version...
> Case;
> I am trying to port the Gaia Ajax Widgets to be buildable with
> Monodevelop and the problem is that it uses WebResources. Now these
> WebResources are in folders of the Visual Studio version (which I MUST
> keep compatibility towards (obviously)) and this makes the Resource
> Inclusion string become stuffed with folder-names, namespaces and
> "."s...
> An example of the assembly attribute tag (contained in my
> AssemblyInfo.cs file) follows;
> [assembly: WebResource("Gaia.WebWidgets.Scripts.ImageButton.js",
> "text/javascript")]
> Now the problem is that this file doesn't EXISTS so when the page loads
> the JavaScript inclusion is rendered but the JavaScript file is
> EMPTY...!
> If I remove everything but the ImageButton.js and do the same the place
> I include the file everything works like a snatch, but this is not
> really a solution for me since then it won't work in Visual Studio...
> I was hoping for a solution that don't mean I'll have to do lots of
> "#if" compiler directives...
> So basically what I'm asking for here is how do I get to keep the
> "namespace" and the folder stuff while compiling in Mono, how should
> my .mdp file look like?
> Today it looks like this;
>     <File name="./Scripts/ImageButton.js" subtype="Code"
> buildaction="EmbedAsResource" />
> Is there some kind of attribute for this entry in my .mdp file for
> adding this into a namespace/folder like the logic in Visual Studio...?
> Thanx ahead guys!
> Brilliant product! :)
> PS!
> I also need some reference link to a nice starter kit for learning the
> "boo" language(...?...)
> Thomas Hansen
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