[MonoDevelop] re Can't get basic code to work

George Lober georgelober at glowsoftware.ca
Sat Jul 28 02:15:21 EDT 2007

Patrick Barry wrote:
> Have a look at the source code of monodevelop itself. I am clueless
> with GTK (personally I think the vbox hbox thing is daft we had
> anchors for resizing in delphi years ago) 

As far as containers go, I am puzzling over how one does a background 
spanning a collection of containers. For example in my Delphi app I have 
an "about" window which contains a TImage component on top of which I 
place the needed labels and a button. The TImage provides a background 
graphic for the window. How does one do this with GTK# ?

> but  I could see that the
> treview was been used like a windows forms datagrid in the monoquery
> plugin in monodevelop.
> Monoquery has inherited from the Treeview to make a data aware grid view.
>  I quickly got a little application going using this  inherited
> component from monoquery. I have written a little application in which
> I can write queries in a text view and execute the query to view the
> results in the treeview - works great!
> Have a look at
> monodevelop/Extras/MonoQuery/MonoQuery/Gui/DataGridView.cs and the
> other assemblies it references it will teach you loads!

Thanks for the tip.  I'm running Gentoo and installed by portage. It 
appears this only gets you the binaries, so had to get sources separately.
I was googling around for some intermediate code, specific to Stetic 
use, but there is practically nothing beyond some console output "hello 
world" examples and simple runtime add widget code. Not of much help to 
a Stetic user.


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