[MonoDevelop] Unable to launch monodevelop after installation

Allan Edwards aedwards at aspire.ws
Thu Jul 26 11:47:17 EDT 2007

I am no attacking any of you personally or blaming!  I am posing some 
fundamental questions here.  It never ceases to amaze me how programmers 
get all sensitive when it comes to really constructive criticism!  Do 
you work on MonoDevelop for yourself or for others AND yourself?

What is the point in putting in all of the sweat time you have if it is 
a massive pain to use your software by everyone else!  In fact, after an 
install you can't even use it AT ALL!!!  This is 2007!  hehe  As spock 
says.. the needs of the many far out weight the needs of the one.  Why 
develop something that always has problems loading after someone 
installs it?  Does it not make more sense to ensure the quality of 
deployment before a massive list of features?

I think your work is excellent.  I write software professionally and 
have for many years.  I used to work on a certain C++ compiler in 
Redmond a long time ago so I am not a newby to coding.  But nothing is 
more irritating or a let down to get all up and excited about somebody's 
work like yours and then have something go wrong and not have a 
workaround that is easily available.


Lluis Sanchez wrote:
> El dj 26 de 07 del 2007 a les 09:43 -0500, en/na Allan Edwards va
> escriure:
>> The irony is... the best technology and productivity will probably come 
>> from mono but the team does not do enough to on board newbies when they 
>> start.  
> Mails like this are really irritating. I've been working on MonoDevelop
> for more than two years now, doing my best to make MD useful, stable and
> easy to use, and I spent many hours of my free time on it. You say
> that's not enough? sorry, I'll try to do it better in my next life.
>> I installed .12 from synaptic in ubuntu because my .13 install 
>> would not start mono.  I get the MOZILLA_HOME_FIVE issue.  When I went 
>> to start the .12 monodevelop it would not start.  For some odd reason I 
>> can start it from a root console.
> If you installed a package from a distro and it doesn't work at all, go
> complain the disto.
>> Where is the
>> 1 - step by step installation list
>> 2 - log of problems you can encounter and how to fix them when you do 
>> after the install of a mono distribution?
> Waiting for somebody to write it.
>> Am I just missing information?
> You are missing that this is an open source project. The core
> development team is very small and can't do everything. I'm tired of
> asking the community to contribute tutorials and guides. Nobody has yet
> written one that can help you. Sorry about that, but please don't blame
> the development team.
> Lluis.

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