[MonoDevelop] Can't get basic code to work

George Lober georgelober at glowsoftware.ca
Wed Jul 25 15:23:36 EDT 2007


Sorry if this seems a bit idiotic guys but I can't even get through the 
basic stuff.

Using MonoDevelop/Stetic, I just have a basic window with a button, 
label and entry widgets. I have the following attached to the button 

    protected virtual void onButtonPress (object o, 
Gtk.ButtonPressEventArgs args)
        label1.Text = "abcd";
        entry1.Text = "1234";

and this attached to the button Activated signal:

    protected virtual void onActivated (object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        label1.Text = "abcd";
        entry1.Text = "1234";

When I run the app and click on the button, neither one of these is 
working, the text does not show up in the label or the entry box. What 
am I missing?


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