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Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Jul 3 10:40:52 EDT 2007

El dl 02 de 07 del 2007 a les 22:29 +0200, en/na Jacob Ilsø Christensen
va escriure:
> On 7/1/07, Lluis Sanchez <lluis at ximian.com> wrote:
> > El dv 29 de 06 del 2007 a les 20:03 +0200, en/na Jacob Ilsø Christensen
> > va escriure:
> > > Hi.
> > >
> > > The attached patch adds project configuration for ChangeLog
> > > integration. Is this the way to do it?
> >
> > Yes, it looks ok. However, I find the policy options a bit confusing.
> > What the user should define is the policy for placing ChangeLog files in
> > the project, with independence from whether this information is used at
> > commit time or not. Notice that the ChangeLog add-in allows entering
> > entries "by hand" using the Insert ChangeLog Entry command. So, it's not
> > about defining the Commit command behavior, but about defining how
> > ChangeLog files must be used in a project.
> >
> > So, instead of "Create or use the ChangeLog in the project root
> > directory" should rather be something like "One changelog for the whole
> > project". And instead of "Create or use the ChangeLog in the directory
> > of the file" I think that "One ChangeLog in each directory of the
> > project" is more clear.
> Good input. Thanks.
> I did the new configuration stuff and implemented the Insert ChangeLog
> Entry part and need to do the version control extension now. For that
> I have a question.
> What I want to do is add a button named something like Show Affected
> ChangeLogs. This will show a dialog where you can see what ChangeLogs
> will be affected by the commit and what content will be added to them.
> Sounds like a good approach?

Yes, it sounds good. In any case, the commit dialog should show a
summary of which changelogs are going to change, and then give more
detail when clicking on that button.

> The existing CommitDialogExtensionWidget takes a ChangeSet as argument
> in the Initialize method. The problem is that this ChangeSet is not
> necessarily the same as that which will be committed as only selected
> files will be included. 

The commit dialog does not currently allow selecting which files to
commit. All files in the change set will be committed. So that should
not be a problem.

> So the "Show Affected ChangeLogs" might show
> incorrect information. Should we add an event to the CommitDialog so
> extensions can listen for selection changes? Also when selecting files
> in the CommitDialog the commit message does not change accordingly
> which I guess it should. Should it not?
> > > If yes is it ok to commit or is
> > > it better to wait for the complete patch?
> >
> > Yes, it's better to wait for a complete working patch.
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Lluis.
> >
> >
> >

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