[MonoDevelop] Search for parent changelogs

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Sun Jul 1 10:57:41 EDT 2007

El dv 29 de 06 del 2007 a les 20:03 +0200, en/na Jacob Ilsø Christensen
va escriure:
> Hi.
> The attached patch adds project configuration for ChangeLog
> integration. Is this the way to do it?

Yes, it looks ok. However, I find the policy options a bit confusing.
What the user should define is the policy for placing ChangeLog files in
the project, with independence from whether this information is used at
commit time or not. Notice that the ChangeLog add-in allows entering
entries "by hand" using the Insert ChangeLog Entry command. So, it's not
about defining the Commit command behavior, but about defining how
ChangeLog files must be used in a project.

So, instead of "Create or use the ChangeLog in the project root
directory" should rather be something like "One changelog for the whole
project". And instead of "Create or use the ChangeLog in the directory
of the file" I think that "One ChangeLog in each directory of the
project" is more clear.

> If yes is it ok to commit or is
> it better to wait for the complete patch?

Yes, it's better to wait for a complete working patch.


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