[MonoDevelop] Compile failure on MacOSX (Intel)

Tschopp Gilles gilles.tschopp at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 11:00:31 EST 2007

2007/1/24, R. Tyler Ballance <tyler at bleepconsulting.com>:
> 2. Make sure it's not just a case of the bad-fink-ies ;)
> The problem with building something like MonoDevelop through fink (IMO) is
> that any number of problems can get in the way, from fink packaging errors,
> to the less likely MonoDevelop build system errors.
> Good luck, let me know if you get MD building and how on your intel mac ;)

Hurray, I finally succeded to run MD on my Intel Mac !

I just had to manually modify the following files :
- Extras/MonoDevelop.GtkCore/lib/libstetic.dll.config
- Extras/MonoDevelop.GtkCore/lib/libsteticui.dll.config

in order to map correctly the DLL to libraries (from *.so.0 to
*.dylib). These files come directly from SVN (i did a svn status). The
other *.config files are correctly configured.

For the moment MD seems to run fine. I could compile and launch my
ASP.NET project. Except one little bug : on the code editor, empty
lines aren't displayed at all !


Gilles Tschopp

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