[MonoDevelop] Widgets shaded out in ASP.NET

Alexandre Fedorko crabb at alicetele.com
Sat Jan 27 04:24:33 EST 2007


I am a complete novice in MonoDevelop.

FreeBSD 6.1, Mono-, Monodevelop-0.12, Mozilla-1.7.12 ($MOZILLA_HOME/chrome/installed-chrome.txt

edited as mentioned in README and aspdesigner.jar is in the $MOZILLA_HOME/chrome), gtk-sharp-2.8.

Would you mind explaining to me why:

1. the ASP.NET widgets are always shaded out? I've thrown away Firefox but it has no effect.

2. It takes up to ten seconds to switch from "Source Editor" to "Designer" in an ASP.NET application

(in GTk# 2.0 I switch to and from immediately and the widgets are properly activated)?

May be the answer to both questions is the same and simple but I somehow can't find it for the moment .


                   Alexandre Fedorko.


all: $(packagename).jar


# mkdir -p $(packagedir); \

# cp $(packagename).jar $(packagedir)/


# rm -rf $(packagedir)/$(packagename).jar

### Handle the different chrome installation mechanisms ###

install-data-hook: old-install-files install-chrome-text

uninstall-hook: old-uninstall-files uninstall-chrome-text

#install-data-hook: install-files install-manifest

#uninstall-hook: uninstall-files uninstall-manifest

### Install manifest ###


# cp $(packagename).manifest $(chromedir)/


# rm -rf $(chromedir)/$(packagename).manifest


cp $(packagename).jar $(chromedir)/


rm -rf $(chromedir)/$(packagename).jar


if test -f $(installed_chrome_txt); then \

cp $(installed_chrome_txt) /tmp/chrome.old; \

sudo bash -c "sed -e'/aspdesigner/d' /tmp/chrome.old > $(installed_chrome_txt)"; \

for CHRM in $(old_chrome_install_text); do \

cp $(installed_chrome_txt) /tmp/chrome.old; \

sudo bash -c "sed -e'\$$a$$CHRM' /tmp/chrome.old > $(installed_chrome_txt)"; \

rm /tmp/chrome.old; \

done; \



if test -f $(installed_chrome_txt); then \

cp $(installed_chrome_txt) /tmp/chrome.old; \

sudo bash -c "sed -e'/aspdesigner/d' /tmp/chrome.old > $(installed_chrome_txt)"; \

rm /tmp/chrome.old; \


# Tell versions [3.59,3.63) of GNU make to not export all variables.

# Otherwise a system limit (for SysV at least) may be exceeded.

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