[MonoDevelop] text editor patch for simple class/member selector

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Jan 16 07:32:37 EST 2007

El dg 14 de 01 del 2007 a les 03:18 +0900, en/na Atsushi Eno va
> Hello,
> > I will post another patch for dual combobox when I'm done with it.
> >   
> So, I've created another patch for two combo boxes, but unlike my first
> attempt I found an issue - when there is one or more Dock at right side
> of the text editor, and there are some members whose "formatted" name is
> long enough to not fit within the combobox, the class/member selectors
> break into right side (like the sshot below). I'm not sure if I can fix
> it within my code.

The problem is that the combo boxes are requiring too much space, while
they should not require any space, they should just adapt to the
available space. Implementing this behavior may require implementing
your own container.

Another problem with the patch is that it does not compile with gtk#
2.4, which is the gtk# version on which MD is based right now
(Gtk.ComboBox.ActiveText and Gtk.CellRendererText.Alignment are not
available in this version).

> http://monkey.workarea.jp/tmp/2007/add-class-member-shortcut-3.png
> Since my first attempt was without loooong member names I didn't see
> this issue before.
> (And I still have no answer to my previous questions I put, so guessing
> that there are parts to fix.)
> Atsushi Eno
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