[MonoDevelop] Code completion issue

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 21:29:34 EST 2007

I just started using MonoDevelop tonight (I'm honestly not sure how it
compares to other mono IDEs for linux if there are any) .. So far, I like
it.  However, I depend on a feature which i'm glad it has, but it doesn't
seem to be complete.  If it's fixed in a new version, let me know and I'll
see if I can compile it by hand if necessary.

Specifically, inside of a GtkWindow class, there's a method called Destroy()
which closes the window.  However, inside of the monodevelop code window if
I type "this." and let the pop-up list of properties, methods, and events
come up -- Destroy() is not listed.  However, if I manually type "
this.Destroy()" it succesfully closes (destroys) the Window when the code is

This is monodevelop 0.12, and I don't know how that compares to the current
version (or if it is same), it's the current copy from Fedora Core 6.

Robert D. Wilkens
http://RobWilkens.NET -  RobWilkens at gmail.com - 516-874-0579
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