[MonoDevelop] Seperate .dll for each .cs

Piotr Budny vip at pesymista.info
Sun Feb 18 12:06:20 EST 2007

is there any way to configure MD to compile separate .cs source files to 
corresponding .dll files for Library project?

I'm writing some app, which will read .dll files as plugins. I would like 
them, to implement same interface, but I'd like, that each class should be in 
separate file.
I'd like to achieve something like:

Solution MyAPP
  Project GUI
  Project Plugins (lib)
     pluginA.cs -> pluginA.dll
     pluginB.cs -> pluginB.dll

or (if it less complicated: compile each dir as single .dll)
Solution MyAPP
  Project GUI
  Project Plugins
     Folder A
         pluginA.cs -> pluginA.dll
     Folder B
         pluginB.cs -> pluginB.dll
     Folder C
         somefile.cs \
         nextfile.cs \
         pluginC.cs -> pluginC.dll

As I see, it is probably possible by using custom Makefiles; but it would be 
great, MD support compiling *.cs -> *.dll like in above examples.

Regards & keep good work,
Piotr Budny

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