[MonoDevelop] VS2003 project importer

Grzegorz Sobanski silk at boktor.net
Thu Feb 15 06:01:43 EST 2007

* Grzegorz Sobanski <silk at boktor.net> [2007-02-15 11:56]:
> * Marek Sieradzki <marek.sieradzki at gmail.com> [2007-02-15 11:45]:
> > VS2005 will just convert it when it sees it. There should be just a
> > question whether you want to convert it and nothing more.
> And AFAIR do a backup copy of it. I didn't use it for a long time, 
> so I may be wrong and mistake it with opening 6.0 project in VS2003.

One more thought.
Even if VS2005 do not save backup copy, I think MD should.
If someone is opening a project in VS2005 it is small probability he
will use VS2003 and VS2005 alternatingly.
IMHO it's much more possible someone would like to use MD na VS2003 for
the same project.

And I finish my grumbling ;)

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