[MonoDevelop] Possible bugs in Stetic/Monodevelop?

Grzegorz Sobanski silk at boktor.net
Thu Feb 15 04:09:01 EST 2007

* Lluis Sanchez <lluis at ximian.com> [2007-02-14 13:46]:
> Could you please file a bug report for this problem?
> (http://bugzilla.ximian.com)

Done. #80864

And some afterthoughts.
At first I just thought "text color is the same as backgroud", but now
I'm not really sure if that's the case. It would be good if someone, for
whom it's important would check this. For example adding icons to
entries, some radio buttons and see if that's the case.
It's not important for me, so I won't find time for this in near future.


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