[MonoDevelop] separating out IFileFormat/ProjectReader

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Feb 13 07:11:28 EST 2007

El dt 13 de 02 del 2007 a les 00:08 -0700, en/na John Anderson va
> I was wondering if it would make sense to separate out the project
> management code into its own library so other applications could use
> it?  The reason I thought of this was because I'm working on fixing up
> some code for the project Prebuild
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/dnpb/  . What I'm doing is creating
> Xml Serializable classes so you can use a strongly typed version of
> the project and then export it with the serializer.   But then I
> realized since md already has this functionality it'd benefit both
> projects to have it in its own library. 

The project management code is already implemented in a separate
library. It's MonoDevelop.Projects (although it depends on


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