[MonoDevelop] Self hosting md

John Anderson sontek at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 00:59:53 EST 2007

Hey, Is there any documentation on how to get md self hosting? Directly from
svn it wont build for me.

Right now I get the error:
[Task:File=, Line=0, Column=0, Type=Error, Priority=Normal,
Description=cannot find metadata file

which seems to be a bug in md where it doesn't drill down to the project and
figure out exactly why it wont build.  So then if I go build Mono.Data.Sql I

Line=35, Column=1, Type=Error, Priority=Normal, Description=The type or
namespace name `Text.RegularExpressions' could not be found. Are you missing
a using directive or an assembly reference?(CS0246)]

but System.Text.RegularExpressions is part of mscorlib  so for some reason
it wasn't referencing System in the project

but then it builds and I still get the metadata error.

So is md not ready to be self hosting or am I doing something wrong?
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