[MonoDevelop] gtk# application on windows

Sanford Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 09:12:53 EST 2007

On 2/11/07, Radu <kenjiru.ro at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've compiled my application for 1.1 Runtime version. So will my
> application run on .NET 2.0 or it will require .NET 1.1?

Normally you can run .NET 1.1 applications on .NET 2.0 with no
problem.  In the rare case that this doesn't work, you just have to
edit [appname].exe.config to point to the earlier .NET framework
version.  But you shouldn't have to do that.  If you're in doubt,
check MSDN for the list of obscure incompatibilities.

> On linux I've used gtk-sharp-2.10.0. What do I have to do to lower the
> dependencies of the gtk# related libraries?

If you are not using any 2.10 features (e.g. printing, status icon,
etc), then you should be fine using 2.8 on Windows.

See this page for assistance getting gtk-sharp on MS .NET:



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