[MonoDevelop] Mono.Unix questions

Neil Munro neilmunro at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 10:15:31 EST 2007

       I am trying to complete an exercise from 'Mono: A Developers
Handbook' and it goes on about using Mono.Posix however a little bit of
checking on the documentation page tells me it's now Mono.Unix, however
replacing Mono.Posix with Mono.Unix hasn't worked, what are the things that
have changed to I can write a post-it in my book reminding me what things
are now?

The code in question is this

using SysCall;

namespace SysCall
    class ChmodTest
        public static void Main ( string [] args )
            string sFile = args [ 0 ];
            Syscall.chmod ( sFile, ( FileMode ) 0x777 );

            int uid = Syscall.getuid ( );
            int gid = Syscall.getgid ( );
            Syscall.chown ( sFile, uid, gid );

Many thanks
Neil Munro

Stay shiny
Keep Flyin'
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