[MonoDevelop] Possible bugs in Stetic/Monodevelop?

Scott Fraser scott.fraser at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 16:16:30 EST 2007


I've been (slowly) developing an app over the past few months and I
have a couple of problems with the Stetic designer that occurs on both
my machines: a PC running Ubuntu Dapper, and a Macbook running Ubuntu
Edgy.  Both are using Monodevelop 0.12.

Essentially the main problem is related to the menu editor - in the
designer when I click on an initial menu (e.g. File or Edit - the
top-level ones) the menu that pops up looks blank - no text or icons,
just a grey box.  The box is still functional - I can add entries and
edit entries if I double click on them (they show up then) but that's

A second issue is that when resizing the main window, all the stuff
inside the window can suddenly disappear.

I've check the bug repositories for Monodevelop and Ubuntu and can't
find a mention of either - are they known issues, and if so is it
Monodevelop or the distro, and if not where should I file the bug?

Also I'm not subscribed to the list so could you cc me on any responses.



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