[MonoDevelop] Planning MonoDevelop 1.0

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Feb 5 20:33:04 EST 2007

Hola Lluis,

>       * Autotools: There are several features I'd like to support for MD
>         1.0: 
>               * Support integration with existing Makefiles. That is, if
>                 somebody has a project with complex build rules which
>                 can't be emulated by MD, just make it possible to
>                 delegate the entire build process to Make, and still be
>                 able to launch the build from inside MD. About modifying
>                 the Makefile in MD, I think supporting adding/removing
>                 files would be enough for now. 
>               * We need to find a solution for file templates (.in
>                 files). MD uses some of them. We need to support them in
>                 the MD build model if we want to be able to completely
>                 build MD using MD. 
>               * There may be other missing features needed for
>                 self-hosting MD. 
>               * It would be nice to support generating a tarball without
>                 having to pollute the project directory with autotools
>                 files. 

Dentro de este espíritu, estaba pensando que algo que sería fundamental
sería hacer el front-end para darle mantenimiento, distribuir, editar y
copiar los archivos de traducción de un proyecto.

Suena como que algo importante para tener un buen soporte para llevar
una aplicacion de principio a fin.

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